Thursday, July 28, 2016

The stupid things nwords (or kneegrows) take pride in.

This blog post was inspired by Mya of It may bring me out of blogtirement!

The current social media debate stems from the presidential candidates that are running against one another. People have conflicting thoughts about which one is better or the lesser of two evils. As a result of this, many nwords are proudly announcing they aren't going to vote at all. I know my ancestors are rolling over in their graves by this stupidity and if they could get up I'm sure they would beat everyone who has made this announcement until the roped like okra! Now there are a number of other things that should not be announced via social media and I think this one tops the list. But all me to provide you with a few more. 
2. How much you hate the father/mother of your child. I guess you forgot that you chose that person. Ha! 
3. How much money you spent on something. Who the hell cares? People with real money don't discuss these things. And did I tell you it ain't nobody's business?! And I meant to use the double negative!
4. How to' up or for the younger people turnt up you got over the weekend. AA should be your friend. It's not cute! 
5. All the people you got hatin on you! Really?! Are you 12? No one cares about you. 
6. My favorite one is everyday basic shit! Men get excited when they babysit their kids! Fool, that's your parental responsibility! Shut up already. I guess we should get excited when you wash your ass too!

Please kneegrows, for all that's good and righteous, stop announcing your stupidity for the world to see!! 

*Bonus-Illiteracy is nothing to be proud about either. Don't let anyone you have not read a book since Moses was a baby. Don't do it! 
Please make our ancestors proud by exercising your right to vote! Too many people died for you not to do it.
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